There are Several Ways for Getting Around in Koh Samui, either through using Public or Private ways of Transportation. Koh Samui is the Second Largest Island In Thailand after Phuket, That’s why knowing how to get around is important.

Below are the Possible means that you can use to get around the Island:

1) Songthaews 

Songthaews are not only existing in Koh Samui, They exist in most of the Provinces all around Thailand. It is a popular way of transportation For locals and Tourists as well. Songthaews are also Popular in other Countries in South east Asia Such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

In Koh Samui, This Songthaews are Considered to be the Only way of Public Transportation around the Island. It replaces the Buses. Its Capacity is Maximum 10 Passengers at the Same time. However, Some People just Jump and Hang on the Back of the Truck (Especially during the Rush and Busy Hours).

In Case the Passengers have Luggage that take Space. They can put it at the top of The Songthaew to save Space so everyone can Sit. This is the Cheapest way of Transportation that you can use to get around the Island.

The main route of this Mean of Transportation is the Ring Road which Connects the Island together. However, Sometimes the Drivers Change the Route depending on the number of Passengers going to the Same Place, or for Other reasons like Drivers’ preferred routes.